LaCrosse Rubber Hunting Boots – Time Tested

Well in this post I decided to give a shout out to LaCrosse (pronounced “la”-“cross”)and their ankle tight rubber boots. Growing up on the Sabine River near Orange, Texas we used those dang boots all the time! Hunting in the swamp and in most cases wading thru the flood waters every Spring or major storm upriver.

As well as hip waders to duck hunt in the marsh. I want to share my experience with the boot itself and would very much like to hear what you consider to be your favorite rubber boot and why…….

I have structured my post in the following order:

  • LaCrosse History
  • Durability
  • Rubber Boot Types
  • Safety

LaCrosse history…….

LaCrosse was established in 1897 as the La Crosse Rubber Mill in Wisconsin in the City of LaCrosse and was the largest employer in that city in 1930.

LaCrosse Footwear is a 100 million dollar company since the merger with Danner Boots back in 1994. But even further back LaCrosse Footwear started out making rubber horseshoe covers to help prevent accidents when horses were pulling vehicles back in 1897.

They expanded to make carriage covers / coats and rain suits and in 1906 began their epic journey into footwear.

LaCrosse timeline


I can honestly say that my very first pair of LaCrosse boots (Granger model) lasted me over 25 years! Now mind you I did not hunt every season but I sure used those boots for chores around the house and anytime I though my feet would get wet.

The thick rubber sole and solid shank coupled with what I feel at the time was it’s signature feature “The LaCrosse Ankle Fit” which was designed and patented in 1963 had the tapered boot come to a narrow ankle thereby keeping your boot on your foot should you get stuck in some muddy conditions that would create suction and want to pull your boot from your foot.

Growing up in South East Texas and especially hunting and exploring the Sabine River bottoms you will definitely run into some thick “gumbo” like clay that would suck the shoes / boots and socks if your weren’t careful right off your lower leg!!

They are and still do have a thick millage on the upper half of the boot and in most cases can help prevent punctures and tears while shuffling thru the swamp or whatever terrain you might encounter in the field.

The Grange model which I still use to this day albeit a newer pair in olive green in color with a fiberglass shank and only weigh 4.5 lbs per pair so easy ion your legs while sloshing thru the mud and the muck.


Rubber Boot Types

There are many variations and varieties of rubber boots out there to choose from like ankle high rubber boots / waders / hip boots and rubber boots that are just above the calf and below the knee / insulated / non-insulated etc.

I would say that the best type of rubber boots are the ones best suited for your purpose!

That stated I would ask yourself what activities do you plan to engage in prior to your purchase this will most likely influence your purchase without a doubt.

I know this article is mainly referring to LaCrosse that is because these are the only rubber boots I have used for over the past 35 years or so and I keep coming back to theses for all the qualities mentioned above.


It goes without saying (albeit I’m gonna say it) that you should proceed with caution when working or hunting while wearing rubber boots should the environment you find yourself in for instance hip waders – can cause you to drown should you fall out of a boat or find yourself in deep water over your head.

Keep in mind in muddy situations that traction is your primary concern so take time to clean your sole of your boot when you can even if it’s scrapping the thick mud off with a branch or stick or even walking thru grass to clean them off a bit for better traction.

Rubber footwear………..

As stated above I have owned a pair of LaCrosse Rubber Boots mainly The Grange model for the past 39 years and have no complaints at all!

However I do realize that there are hundreds more other brands / types out there for the consumer to choose from and I would like to hear what type you like / recommend and why…….so stay safe out there and keep your foot in your boot!

.The Grange

6 thoughts on “LaCrosse Rubber Hunting Boots – Time Tested”

  1. Hi,

    Great read here. You are engaging, share personal info–which makes your choice of boot more credible to me–and give solid readers reasons why LaCrosse are awesome boots. 

    I don’t personally own a pair, but my dad and brothers each had a pair for mucking out the cow stalls before milking, irrigating the farm, shearing the sheep, and planting crops. They keep the feet dry and free from prickers and bugs. The photo of your obviously well-loved boots brought back some really good memories of growing up.

    I totally agree with your opinion about LaCrosse footwear–the BEST! With ankle-tights on you can’t go wrong…




  2. The Lacrosse rubber hunting boots is actually one of its kind….it was built to suite perfectly its purposes and trust me it’s really rare of its kind…its characters are well made to beat every need àt all level… I hope you get it for your best…
    Thanks a lot for sharing the idea of this Lacrosse rubber hunting boots…

  3. Hi, your story made me remember my childhood:) … Even now I can see those rubber boots of my mom and dad (dark and brown), and they also served them whole life!

    I don’t know what the brand was but since I was born in USSR, it unlikely was LaCrosse.


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