Hurricane Box Supplies = Hunting Supplies

So today folks I wanted to give a shout out to all those affected by Hurricane Laura this past week in Texas & Louisiana. This hit home “literally” since Orange, Texas is my home town, the devastation I saw this past Saturday brings tears to my eyes but in the same breath to see all of my hometown neighbors pitching in to help by picking up debris and cutting fallen trees up so people can get into their subdivisions does my heart good.

So I thought I would write a little about hurricane preparedness and what I do once hurricane season is officially over.

I will try to articulate my thoughts in the following manner…….

  • Hurricane Box – what is it?
  • Hurricane Supplies – the basics
  • Hurricane Supplies = Hunting Supplies
  • Close the box – conclusion

Hurricane Box – what is it?

Well if you live on the Gulf Coast of Mexico or the Atlantic side of the USA you have heard / experienced / or lived thru a hurricane not exactly the club most would want to be part of….just saying. But if you live relatively near the coast of warm ocean water you are bound to engage one of these monster storms and most folks keep some sort of hurricane supplies readily available during “hurricane season” which runs from June thru November every year. So what is a “hurricane box” well it’s a tote or box preferably with a lid that stores you are essentials for a hurricane (recommended contents listed below) usually stored in a place that it is easily accessible.

I have used many forms of a hurricane box thru the years but found that a sturdy tote with at least 20 gallon capacity or higher, make sure it has a locking lid and stought handles since you may have to move it around at times during an actual hurricane. So choose something you can easily handle and make it large enough for you are supplies you will need.


Hurricane Supplies – “the basics”

I suppose this part of the article can really be custom-made to each individual or Family and what I mean by that is outside of the basic items I believe you will need you can add or subtract as you see fit. I will list what I consider the “essential items” when it comes to dealing with the challenges of the inconveniences when going thru a hurricane.


  • Flashlight – (since the power will most definitely go out)
  • Batteries – “fresh ones” (for you are flashlight and other devices)
  • Radio – (battery operated) so you can keep up to date on the storms progress
  • Medical Kit – just in case someone is injured during the storm (hopefully you will never need it)
  • Water – maybe gallon jugs or packs of 12 oz water bottles (these do not have to remain in you are hurricane box as they will be heavy and take up valuable space.
  • Can food (not expired check you are dates) – things like tuna / potted meats / chili / soup
  • Dry goods – paper towels / paper plates / plastic utensils / trashbags
  • Snacks (aka comfort foods) – hard candy / cookies / chips / nuts etc. (I believe it is good to have some junk food in you are box)

Note: make sure you have enough food and supplies for about 3 to 4 days.

Hurricane Supplies = Hunting Supplies

So here is what I do after hurricane season is over ……. I take the close to expired canned food and the perishable items (snacks) to hunting camp to be used so that those items do not go to waste.

So I suppose I would most likely buy items that I would eat at the hunting camp and place those items in the hurricane box back in May prior to the start of hurricane season which is again June thru November, I would also go on to mention that I would use the batteries and other items as well even though they have a longer shelf life.

Close the box – conclusion…….

I would also reiterate that you must check you are hurricane box throughout the calendar year for expired food items and leaking batteries because you don’t want to be without electricity and with stores closed during the storm and have expired food and dead batteries. Its tough enough dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane to have to worry about what you might have to eat since you are supplies are expired.

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