Gore-Tex Gear for the Outdoors

When in the field it is essential to have gear you can count on when weather threatens for hunt or trek in the outdoors.

Introducing “Gore-Tex” waterproof / windproof and breathable fabric material for all your hunting and outdoor clothes.

I will attempt to unpack this awesome fabric and educate you the audience on its properties and uses in the following format:

  • Gore-Tex History & Technology
  • Products
  • Personal Use
  • Care & Support
  • The Final Stitch

OK so lets get sewing…….

Gore-Tex History & Technology

Gore-Tex founders Bill & Genevieve Gore started “Gore” (as it was named back in 1958) out of their basement in Newark, Delaware. Bill left his full time job at DuPont to pursue his passion working with (polymer playtetrafluoroethelene) PTFE for short. In 1969 Bill’s son Bob Gore took the venture a step further by “stretching” the PTFE material under certain conditions the result was a lower water absorption factor and great weathering properties.

The very first patent on the material came in 1970 when Gore applied for what would be come the first of many patents for the material technology. Jumping ahead to 1976 the first commercial orders for Gore-Tex fabric were received the fabric was used in the manufacturing of outer coats (rain jackets / wind breakers). I suppose the most recognized registered trade mark of the company came about in 1989 “Guaranteed to keep you dry” promise was introduced thereby delivering a sold commitment to all Gore-Tex customers worldwide.

With a solid foundation of product testing and commitment Gore-Tex continues to deliver on its promises and still innovates new technologies too numerous to mention in this article.

Gore-Tex Products

Since the first patented article of clothing in 1976 Gore-Tex has been manufacturing all sorts of waterproof / windproof and breathable apparel mainly:

  • Outerwear – jackets & pants
  • Footwear – boots & shoes
  • Gloves & Accessories – gloves & mittens for work and outdoor use

All of their products are used in a very active lifestyle such as climbing / cycling / fishing / golfing / hiking / running / hunting / skiing & snowboarding / walking and of course everyday living.

Personal Use

I have been hunting with a Gore-Tex cap for the past 20 years or so (see pics below) and I can attest that it had beaded off more rain than I can remember! It has also kept my head cool for those early season hunts here in East Texas when it can be 85 degrees at times. It has also served as a mosquito barrier actually eliminating bites on top of my head not to mention it is a light and very efficient bug swatter.

We have to wear hunters orange when in the woods here in the Sabine National Forrest and my Gore-Tex cap is part of my County compliant essential gear that, and a hunter’s orange vest. I have also owned a couple of lightweight camo jackets that somehow found their way out of my hunting gear and remain to this day missing???? In all my personal use of Gore-Tex clothing has been exceptional all that I have owned has worked in some of the most humid and wet conditions possible and have stood up to the elements as advertised!


Care & Support

Care for your new Gore-Tex article of clothing is simple before you wash your garment zip up all zippers and fasten down all flaps and straps and follow your garment’s instructions on the label. A couple of things to remember do not use powder detergents or bleach as these can ruin your fabric although you can tumble dry on a gentle cycle in your dryer I prefer to line dry or just hang them in the bathroom and let them air dry, however once it is dry tumble dry your garment for 20 minutes to reactivate the durable water repellent treatment on the outer fabric.

Gore-Tex stands by all their products as with the “Guarantee To Keep You Dry” promise you are eligible to a limited guarantee offered by W.L. Gore & Associates just visit the website at www.gore-tex.com for details. Gore-Tex also prides themselves with their………..

“If you are not satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness or breath ability of your GORE-TEX product, we will repair it, replace it or refund your purchase price”. 

There is also a FAQ section on their website for easy navigation on what to do with your garment should you have any issues (but I don’t think you will….just saying).

The Final Stitch……

Undoubtedly their are a number of other fabric manufactures that would state that their product is “just as good as Gore-Tex” or “Like Gore-Tex” as in all things imitation if the best form of flattery. I would highly recommend you consider Gore-Tex the next time you consider purchasing a garment that will require a test of the elements and most importantly keep you dry in the process.

In closing I would like to hear from you the tru outdoorsman and outdoorswomen what type of garements do you trust when in the field and why??


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