Best Wild Game Cookbook for Hunting Camp Cooks!

Well my outdoors men and outdoors women today’s post is a subject we all can relate to food!

More precisely wild game & fish and the recipe book(s) on how to prepare those tasty dishes even a beginner in the camp kitchen couldn’t possibly mess up (well that might be a stretch) but with the right type of recipe book in hand most self-proclaimed cooks can master.

This post will center its content around one recipe book in general The MeatEater – Fish & Game Cookbook (by Steve Rinella) you know the host and producer of the hunting TV series MeatEater!!

Steven RInella

I have broken down my article in the following manner:

  • Camp Cook Duties
  • Camp Kitchen Essentials
  • MeatEater Cookbook Contents
  • Recipes Cooked

Roll up your sleeves and tie your apron on and let’s get cooking!

Camp Cook Duties

Many years ago I suppose out of my lack of pre-camp preparations like tree cutting / firewood chopping and over all camp cleanings that take place during the off-season of hunting I felt compelled to contribute in some form or fashion.

I guess you could say I kinda appointed myself (according to my hunting Family) in any case I do respect the position and feel a great sense of pride providing a hearty cooked meal of wild game after a hard day of hunting.

I will say this for our hunting Family we most definitely do our best to consume all of our harvested wild game when eating at Hunitng Camp during the hunting season to that degree most if not all the meals are usually last year’s harvest.

The main duties of Camp Cook (I am usually called by a different name but we need to keep this article in a PG rating)

  • Plan the meal for the days we plan to hunt
  • Make sure to provide enough food for the amount of hunters present
  • Cook complimentary side dishes to the wild game (mostly whitetail deer meat)
  • Also make sure there are enough adult beverages to enjoy while cooking and of course eating
  • Finally clean your mess

Im sure there some other duties I have neglected to mention but let’s move on………..

Camp Kitchen Essentials

I suppose it goes without saying that if you are the responsible person for your hunting camp meals you will absolutely need to have basic kitchen utensils as well as plates / cups / forks / knives and spoons…….

I will say this that we are a blessed hunting Family since we actually have an actual camp which sleeps about 10 people very comfortably and we do have a sink / stove / refrigerator and one bathroom with a shower so most if not all of our kitchen utensils stay at the camp year round.

But for those of you who are still prefer camping with a tent and such you will at least need the following:

  • 10″ frying pan
  • 12″ pot with lid
  • Kitchen utensils (spatula / serving spoon / fork / knife / tongs and can opener (if required)

Note: I have cooked meals with less than the above stated items but was challenging!

Most camp fire meals can be cooked with the above referenced items if you can bring more then all the better.

MeatEater Cookbook

Well I must admit I have been cooking wild game & fish for about 35 years or so and have used handed down recipes and even a Marlboro Cookbook (yes the cigarette mfg. company actual made a cookbook for the outdoors man) I a certainly dating myself by admitting that LOL.

That said I do believe that the best overall cookbook I have come across and used is The MeatEater – Fish & Game Cookbook by Steven Rinella (host of the show MeatEater as seen on Netflix). Steve has authored several other books including two volumes of The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Game he also cooks on the spot a lot of the wild game and fish he harvests on the show.

The MeatEater – Fish & Game Cookbook published in 2018 is about the most concise cookbook I have ever owned! It has tips on cleaning / butchering wild game & fish as well as tips and tricks to make your meal in the field an easy task. The step-by-step photos make it hard to miss a preparation hold point for any particular recipe you may be following.

Steven even breaks down the accompanying sauces and marinades that he uses to take the “wild game” taste out of your harvest (not many cookbooks I have used give this sort of information),

The cookbook is easy to read and the photos are a great guide and extra reinforcement that you are preparing your dish the right way, the contents are also set in appropriate sections so there is no flipping back and forth to find the wild game or fish recipe you are looking for.

MeatEater Cookbook  

Recipes Cooked

Just to mention that I only came across this book back in early 2019 so I have not tried to cook all the recipes in this book yet….but we have cooked and ate the following……….

  • Grilled Venison Loin
  • Venison Burgers
  • Venison Chili
  • Grilled Venison Ribs

We still have a way to go as we want to try the other wild game and fish dishes represented in the cookbook but I’m sure we will eat our way thru the rest of the cookbook soon!!

Meateater cookbook

Bon Appetit

….or as we say in East Texas “dig in” in either case take a hard look at The MeatEater – Fish & Game Cookbook for yourselves and let me know what you think…further more if you happen to buy it I would like to hear your thoughts on the book itself and any recipes you may try for yourselves.

Stay safe out there folks………….

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