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Hello hunters, I trust this post finds you well during this pandemic and this author hopes that this virus will be somewhat under control by the time hunting season arrive (we can only hope & pray). Today I want to chat about flashlights and more specifically compact flashlights especially when used on this pitch black mornings trying to navigate the woods to your favorite hunting spot or fumbling around in your stand getting prepared for the hunt ahead.

I will break this review down in the following manner:

  • Flashlight an Illuminating History
  • Lumens Explained
  • Compact Flashlights
  • Lights Out (conclusion)

Lights! Camera! Action!…..

Flashlights an Illuminating History

Since the dawn of time man has always had the need to see in the dark first using fire (torches) then wax gave us candles next up was oil lamps then kerosene (very dangerous indeed!) finally the invention of the incandescent light bulb and the “dry” battery gave way to the invention of the flashlight. All credit is given to its inventor David Misell an Englishman back in 1899 he used 3 dry batteries and it powered up a small incandescent light bulb connected to a simple contact switch to turn the light on and off.

The term “flashlight” came about because the early versions could not throw light for long periods of time due to the lack of a constant current for long periods of time because of the zinc carbon batteries being used thereby having to “rest” (turn off the flashlight) hence the term “flash” light. The very first “flashlights” did not sell well due to the bad nature of the batteries being used and the use of carbo-filament bulbs which in their own right were inefficient. Improvements on both bulbs and batteries made the device a more useful tool soon “flashlights” started to replace lamps fueled by oil & kerosene, around the 1920s the flashlight became a household item it also came in many forms such as the typical cylindrical type / lantern shaped / reflector type for lighting larger areas as well as small pocket versions which we will key on in this article.

Lumens Explained

Pronounced (lu-mens) the dictionary definition is this: “lumens are a measure of light brightness” a measurement of one lumen is equivalent to the light emitted by a single stationary candle uninterrupted by obstruction and measured in total, regardless of the direction in which the light is traveling. The lumen (symbol: lm) is the derived unit of luminous flux a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time… that I have you totally confused just keep in mind that the more “lumens” a flashlight has the brighter the light. And another tidbit is, when it comes to flashlights, somewhere around the 60 lumens mark is enough light for most people to complete basic tasks in the dark.

Compact Flashlights

In my opinion the technology of flashlights has improved over the years and they always seem to be stretching the limits of lumen power and beam trajectory year after year and that’s good for us the consumer! I have owned several compact flashlights over the years and recently bought a tactical compact flashlight from a company called Miuree albeit it does look like a lot of the same tactical flashlights being sold out there now but I will admit this one has for worked flawlessly for the past several years.

There are a number of nifty designs that these flashlights come in but most are the standard cylindrical type with additional design features like straps / belt clips / buttons and stainless steel construction all great features depending on your needs. Since this is a hunting site I will stick to the features a hunter might need when in the woods at dark: first and foremost lumens (brightness is essential) cause you gotta see what your doing or where your going (safety first) next is the construction of the device sturdy metal construction is a must in outdoor conditions / clips and wrist straps are nice especially when in your tree-stand 30 plus feet in the air / finally weatherproof since you nor I can control the weather.

Flashlight 1

Flashlight 3

Flashlight 4

Lights Out (conclusion)…

I hope this article sheds a little light (no pun intended ..well alright just a little lol) on the subject of compact flashlights and there usefulness while in the outdoors. I would highly suggest that you do some additional research before you make a purchase so that you find the right light for your needs if you have any comments or additional suggestions to this article we would love to hear from you…stay safe

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