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Welcome everyone to Hilljack Hunters this website is dedicated to ALL public land hunters in this great country of ours! I wanted a create a forum whereby hunters of all ages can share their stories and hunting techniques as well as preview / field test hunting gear. all wile hunting Federal and State public hunting land.


Well where should I start…….I have been hunting public land in South East Texas since I was 12 years old (approx. 45 years) man I’m old! In any case I am very lucky to have been married to my wife for 31 years and have two great kids one 26 year old and a 22 year old.

Like most Texans I was exposed to the outdoors both hunting and fishing at a very early age – kinda a right of passage if your from Texas you sure know what I mean ……..I will give credit to my Uncle Duffy for exposing me to hunting specifically deer hunting he took me out during hunting season more years than I can recall and taught me how to respect nature and the game we hunted.

I have since passed all that I know to my son in hopes that he will continue to hunt long after I am gone from this world…who knows maybe he will pay it forward to his children one can only hope.



We want to serve hunters especially public land hunters by doing so we hope to educate and inform. As my wife always says “knowledge is power” so with this site we plan on instructing and share hunting tips / techniques and most importantly share our stories with each other.

We also intend to field test gear that we use and have used so that the hunting public can be instructed on their use and application. Possibly give our opinions on the gear both positive and negative so that you the hunting public can make your own informed decision when contemplating purchases.

Finally we also want to perform these tasks in the safest manner possible so we will incorporate safety in our discussions and future blogs and posts.



As stated above our purpose at Hilljack Hunters is to unite public land hunters and share as much knowledge as possible in hopes that your hunting adventures are as memorable as ours!

Most of all we want to hear from YOU the public land hunters! This site is for you and we want to stay to true to our roots so please participate and lets see where this takes us…………






Happy Hunting,


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